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Aluminum veneer

Introduction of aluminum veneer

"IDEABOND" brand aluminum veneer, the surface is generally treated with fluorocarbon coating after chroming and other pre-treatment. Fluorocarbon coating primer topcoat and varnish of polyvinyl chloride resin (KANR500). It is generally divided into two, three and four coats. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can engage acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, excellent resistance to heat and cold, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term non-browning, non-powdering, long service life. Our factory selects high quality fluorocarbon coatings from world famous fluorocarbon coating manufacturers such as PPG, DNT, AKZO, NIPPON, etc. We have a wide selection of colors, and customers can choose directly according to the color plates provided by the manufacturers or provide color plate samples.

Product Structure Diagram

Aluminum veneer is made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet. The substrate type is usually 3003, the state is H24, and its regular thickness is 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm. Its structure is mainly composed of panels, reinforcement bars and corner codes. The panel and reinforcement are connected by welding screws to make it a solid whole, which greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer and ensures the resistance to wind pressure and the flatness of the surface of the lead plate during long-term use.

Spraying process

One coating: spraying surface color coating                       

Two coats: spray primer + top coat   

Three coats: spray primer + top coat + varnish (protective paint)            

Four coatings: spray primer + isolation paint + color coating + varnish (protective paint)

Product characteristics

1.Light weight, good rigidity and high strength. 3.0mm thick aluminum veneer weighs 8KG per square and has a tensile strength of 100-280N/mm2.

2. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Aluminum sheet adopts kynar-500, hylar5000 as the base material of PVDF fluorocarbon coating can reach 25 years without browning.

3. Good processability. With the process of processing first and then painting, the aluminum plate can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as flat, curved and spherical.

4. Evenly painted and various colors. The advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum plate adhere evenly and consistently, with a variety of colors and a large choice of aluminum plate.

5. Not easy to tarnish, easy to clean and maintain. The non-adhesive nature of fluorocarbon coating film makes the surface difficult to attach pollutants, with good cleanability. 6.

6. Convenient installation and construction. Aluminum panels are processed and formed in the factory, no cutting is needed at the construction site, and can be fixed on the aluminum keel frame.

7. Recyclable, aluminum panels are beneficial to the environment. Aluminum veneer can be 100% recycled, unlike glass, stone, ceramics and other decorative materials, the recycling value is high.

Aluminum veneer application.

Aluminum veneer is applicable to the decoration of various building interior and exterior walls, lobby facade, column decoration, elevated corridor, pedestrian bridge, elevator wrapping, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor shaped ceiling, etc. Building facades, beams and columns, balconies, canopies airports, stations, hospitals conference halls, opera houses stadiums reception halls and other high-rise buildings.

Aluminum veneer
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Aluminum veneer


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